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We have made changes to our patient flow and physical space for everyone’s safety.

We ask for your help by following these steps.

  1. Please complete all paperwork prior to your appointment.
  2. Please stay home if you feel sick, anyone at home is sick, you have had a recent exposure, or you or someone at home recently tested positive.
  3. Please wait in your car when you arrive. We will text you when it is ok to come in.
  4. Please wear a mask at all times, even in the treatment room.
  5. Please come to the office alone unless you are accompanying a child or you need someone to help you with mobility.
  6. Know that your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer before you will be allowed out of the reception area.

These are the steps we have taken to ensure your safety.

  1. We have dramatically reduced the number of patients we are seeing.
  2. We have scheduled a break after each visit to thoroughly clean the treatment room.
  3. All staff have had a negative COVID test before returning to work.
  4. Each staff member must have a normal temperature each day before starting work.
  5. The waiting room area, counter tops, and door handles are cleaned with a disinfectant every 30 minutes.
  6. Plexiglass dividers have been installed at the reception and checkout desks.
  7. We are offering virtual consults.