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Best Fillers For My Cheeks

If you’re asking yourself “what are the best fillers for my cheeks?” you’re not alone. With so many different options on the market today, it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, a little bit of knowledge about how each filler works can help you select the cheek filler that will work the best for your needs and goals. Even if you’re already using Botox or Dysport to smooth out and reduce wrinkles, you may want an additional product that can actually restore the fullness to your cheeks. Consider these dermal fillers when deciding which option will be the right one for you.


Made from hyaluronic acid, Juvéderm is designed to add both volume and hydration. The formula used means a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid when compared to other dermal and cheek fillers, and a formulation process that makes the injectable gel smoother than its competitors. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body.  As we get older, we lose volume through the natural aging process. Restoring it through the use of Juvéderm provides an opportunity for a more youthful appearance.

Juvéderm Voluma

This is the first FDA-approved injectable gel that will instantly add volume to the cheek area. Unlike other cheek fillers, it is extremely long-lasting. Many people are still happy with the noticeable results of their injections even as long as two years after their treatment. It gives a subtle lifting appearance, and can restore the look of youth by helping to contour the face and cheeks.


Among the most commonly used dermal fillers is Restylane. It is extremely beneficial for mature skin, and can provide a natural lift. The filler is typically injected under the eyes and into wrinkles in the face to soften the appearance of both wrinkles and hollowness, and has been approved by the FDA. Like Juvéderm, it is made with hyaluronic acid.


This option is somewhat different from the other cheek fillers in that it has a formulation that helps to stimulate the production of natural collagen. Initial results can last up to one year or longer in some patients, and helping to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production means that some results can last even longer. Radiesse is FDA approved to help with wrinkle reduction and move a client toward a more youthful look.


Sculptra works a bit differently, in that it provides more subtle results over time. This can be very beneficial for those who want to avoid the look of having any work done, but who also want to move toward a more youthful look. Injections are usually given three to five times over a several-month period, with results that can last two years or more.

No matter which filler you choose, consulting with your medical provider, asking questions, and making sure you’re comfortable with the answers is the key for optimal results. Since there are several cheek fillers to consider, you want to determine which one will give you the best results for the longest period of time.  Calabasas Med Spa utilizes all different types of fillers which allows them to meet the different goals of each individualized patient.