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Acne Boot-Camp: Make Clearer Skin a Reality

No one likes living with the uncertainty of acne.  It pops up for seemingly no reason, you never know if and when it will go away, and when it finally does disappear, you are unsure of what scars and permanent marks will be left behind.  So many people struggle with how to get rid of blemishes. Acne and blemishes can result in a great deal of self-consciousness and distress and become a daily emotional struggle. Often, low self-esteem and embarrassment from acne can lead to a diminished or limited social life, an introverted approached to everyday situations, and even depression.  The good news is, with advanced skin rejuvenation techniques, clearer skin can be a reality!

Causes and Effects of Acne

Acne is extremely common and is characterized by pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and sometimes even scars.  Acne can affect both adolescents and adults, but is most prevalent in teenagers and woman.  There are four factors that contribute to acne of the skin: stickiness of the skin cells, overproduction of oil, proliferation of bacteria, and inflammation.  Patients that struggle with acne and blemishes usually have sticky skin cells that lump together and clog their hair follicles resulting in both whiteheads and blackheads.  Once oil accumulates behind the sticky clump, an overgrowth of bacteria begins in that area leading to inflammation.  This process leaves a person with either a small pimple which eventually revolves itself without any residual effects, or in some patients a cyst or a dark scar may develop. Laser acne treatment can help with resolving these issues.

How to Achieve Clearer and Blemish Free Skin

Do you ask yourself how to get rid of whiteheads and pimples? Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you see in the mirror is the reflection of clear, radiant, blemish free skin—it is possible!  An intense acne boot-camp program can help you reach your skin goals without downtime or oral medication using just 3 simple steps and acne scare treatment.

  • State of the art laser like light therapy uses two different broad-bands of light to help treat your skin.  The first few doses of light helps to destroy the acne that produces bacteria.  The second dose uses a wave length that shrinks the sebaceous glands decreasing oil production that clogs the pores.
  • Intense and deep pore cleansing facial treatments extract, clean, and exfoliate your skin.  This process assists in softening and removing blackheads, pimples, dead cells, dirt, make-up, and other debris rooted deep in your pores cleansing from the inside out.
  • A customized home care program will be implemented to help maintain the results from your laser acne treatments

Living With a New Confidence

Using laser acne treatments, getting rid of your acne and living with clearer skin is a reality and can instill a new confidence you didn’t know was possible.   New skin rejuvenation advancements and laser treatments offer hope for those who suffer from acne and scared skin.  Acne does not have to be a long term condition. Doctors can now offer an opportunity to restore healthy, radiant, glowing skin.