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Coolsculpting Reviews! Not Only for Woman but For Men Too

Many of the people who are looking for Coolsculpting reviews online today are actually men. This is surprising to many, since women are traditionally thought of as the ones who are most concerned about their appearance and their body fat. However, in today’s world, men often feel just as motivated as women to look thin, attractive, and toned. Most men just don’t want to undergo invasive procedures like surgical liposuction to reach their appearance goals. This is why Coolsculpting is increasingly considered the ideal way to get rid of extra body fat for men. It’s not invasive and it gives quick results. Read on to learn more about why this procedure works so well for men and women today.

The Procedure

The Coolsculpting procedure was originally created by scientific researchers at Harvard University. The treatment quickly gained FDA clearance for use in fat reduction in both females and males. The treatment targets fat cells beneath the skin, and then freezes them so they can be eliminated from the body harmlessly. The remainder of skin cells are unchanged and unharmed.

With freezing, the targeted fat becomes a solid. When it thaws, a portion is destroyed and is passed out of the body naturally. In only a few months, men often see dramatic changes in their physique since the excess fat is gone. Men commonly ask for this procedure in their abdominal area and hip area. It is effective even in more unusual areas of fatty deposits, for example the back. The treatment takes only about an hour per area of the body. Most people return directly to work and to their normal routine, so there is little to no downtime associated with the treatment.

Men Who Are Ideal Candidates

Most men who desire fat loss are good candidates for this treatment as long as the fat they want gone can be pinched. Abdominal fat that is “firm” and cannot be pinched cannot be treated.

Some of the most common patients are men who have been unsuccessful at fat loss and body sculpting on their own. There are times that pockets of fat simply don’t respond well to diet or exercise. This treatment is ideal for the removal of such fat pockets.

There are certain areas of the body, for example the abdominal area and flanks, that are very difficult to shape naturally. Sometimes that six pack just won’t emerge, no matter how much a man tries. Coolsculpting can freeze the fat cells that are obscuring the six pack. When those fat cells solidify and exit the body, the newly exposed muscles beneath will be the beginning of amazing abs.

For men who maintain healthy eating habits and a regular exercise routine, the results of this treatment will last forever. Yes, results are permanent for those who make the effort to maintain the fat loss they have achieved.

Check out some Coolsculpting reviews to learn even more, and call your local medical spa to arrange a consultation. You’ll learn just how effectively this treatment can combat excess fat in men!