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How to Get Radiant Skin

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the term radiant skin? Does the image of a dewy faced model on the cover of a magazine pop into mind? Or the fresh face of a child that you know?  This phrase should make you think of how you look and feel after a visit to your medical spa! Whether your appointment at your medical spa is for a facial, laser skin care, waxing or peels, you will come away with your skin feeling fresh, clean and radiant.

Enjoy a facial

Facials should be an important part of your skin regimen in order to maintain healthy and radiant skin. Facials include cleansing and exfoliation, and can be performed by using chemicals, lasers or a type of laser called intense pulsed light (IPL). They all have one thing in common, and that is to leave you with vibrant, hydrated and radiant skin. At your medical spa, you can choose the type of facial that best suits your needs.

Is a chemical peel right for you?

A chemical peel is a process where special chemicals are used to remove old skin so that new skin can grow. The texture of your skin will be enhanced by reducing blemishes, lightening areas of hyperpigmentation and by improving the tone of your skin. Peels are also effective in improving the look of skin that has been damaged by the sun. Sensitive skin? Don’t feel left out. There are chemical peels specially formulated for you, and you can expect no adverse reactions.

A bit of wax can help!

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with that fine hair commonly called peach fuzz. Peach fuzz is hard to manage and nearly impossible to take care of ourselves. Your medical spa can rid you of that as well as any other unwanted body hair.

Laser skin care

Radiant skin is possible with an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photo facial. This type of facial is especially successful in reducing signs of sun damage including dilated blood veins and sun spots. Laser skin care is also a great way to resurface your skin to let the light of your new skin shine through.  

There is no way to get around it, aging is difficult for our skin. Being exposed to the sun, chemicals and pollutants can take their toll on the largest organ in our body – our skin. Facials can reduce the appearance of age spots, loose skin and wrinkles on our faces, neck, chest, and decolletage. Hands and arms can also benefit from treatments. Facials leave you with radiant skin that is rejuvenated by improving the texture and tone.