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Just A Few Of The Many Reasons To Visit A Medical Spa

You may have heard about medical spas and wondered exactly what they are and how they differ from a traditional spa. At a medical spa you can enjoy the same relaxing and rejuvenating services that you would at a traditional spa, but with more intensity and focus on anti-aging and the use of lasers and high quality grade products. You might think of a these specialty spas as a traditional spa on steroids!

The menu offered in this specialty spa will usually include techniques and procedures such as Botox and fillers; skin rejuvenation; facials, peels and waxing; as well as leg vein removal, Coolsculpting, and laser skin care.

CoolSculpting Reviews

CoolSculpting® is a relatively new, and non-invasive process that has produced excellent and lasting results for people who want to eliminate fat cells without surgery. With this process, fat cells are targeted beneath the skin and cooled to a temperature that they cannot survive. These fat cells eventually shrink and disappear, leaving your body with a more sculpted appearance. With CoolSulpting® there is no damage to your skin or surrounding tissue, and little to no recovery time. Coolsculpting® reviews say that you may be satisfied with one treatment, or you may decide to have additional treatments. The effects of CoolSculpting® are permanent and once again you can feel and look confident in the way you look.

Laser skin care

Lasers have become one of dermatology’s most valuable tools. From erasing brown spots and wrinkles to removing spider and varicose veins. How does it work? By using microscopic beams of light, laser treatments can resurface the skin, removing deep acne scars and wrinkles. A more gentle type of laser doesn’t break the skin’s surface but can remove troublesome brown spots, zaps rosacea, and successfully shrinks pores. Laser skin care treatments offer a long-term and painless way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Just think, no more shaving or waxing!

Skin rejuvenation

One of the most popular and gratifying treatments to experience at a medical spa is skin rejuvenation. To restore the skin’s youthful appearance and enhance the look you once had, Intense Pulse Light technology rids your skin of age spots, freckles and even pregnancy mask.

For aging and sagging skin, a non-surgical face lift is changing the way we look as we age. Tightening sagging skin around the face, neck and abdomen can make you look years younger and regain the confidence you once had about your looks.

Another new procedure that literally takes years away from your look is an ultrasound that lifts and tones skin around the face, brow line and neck.

Just a taste

There are many different techniques and procedures to choose from at your favorite medical spa. This is just a taste of the many reasons for you to give them a call and see which menu item is the most appropriate for your needs.